XMindlook Beta 2.5

A brand new XMindlook Sync 2 for Outlook and Nozbe is available for evaluation and testing now!

We are proud to present beta version for next big release of XMindlook Sync. The most prominent change is added support for online tasks systems including Nozbe, Toodledo, Remeber the Milk and Google Tasks. Here are the other important new features:

  • Project synchronization from task list to mind map
  • Asynchronous communication with backends - improved speed
  • Task info view with Assigned to field
  • Show synchronized topics only option
  • Improved conflict dialog
To start working with the online tasks systems you need to go to the Preferences and authorize XMindlook with your account on the specific website.

XMindlook Summarize

The package also contains beta release of our newest addition to the XMindlook family of products. It allows you to quickly summarize content on any webpage or definition from Wikipedia. You can use topic title, topic link or manually enter the term for summarizing. The summary will be added as child topics to the selected topic or to a new sheet in a currently opened mind map. Try it - its fun.

Beta problems & limitations

The license for evaluation of beta version is granted for 45 days. After this period the beta will stop working.
Known problems:
  • localized versions are not available yet
  • current version is not compatible with Windows UAC. As a temporary workaround, please run the xmind.exe with administrative rights (right click and select Run as administrator) for the time of license activation.
Please report all the problems encountered during usage of our product. We encourage you to register on the site and use our Issue tracker - this will simplify thinks a lot for us.

Nozbe sync notes

The Nozbe sync works on free and paid accounts. The amount of contexts and projects is limited on the free version, so if you reach the limit, the XMindlook Sync might stop working. Also currently there is no online sync from Nozbe to XMind, so you need to hit the update button to bring the changes from Nozbe to XMind made when the mind map was open.

Toodledo sync notes

Toodledo server limits the number of requests that can be sent to server each hour and therefore the sync is not automatic. Users have to manually click update icon to send the changes from mind map to the server.

Google Tasks sync notes

Google Tasks offer only simple structure for their tasks, so we implemented categories as main tasks and tasks in each category as subtasks, therefore only first category of the topic is synchronized. There is also a separate task group for project hierarchy. The tasks properties will be synchronized between the tasks. Also each tasks contains metadata in the description, please do not remove it.


Use this link to download XMindlook 2.0beta2.5 and XMind 3.3.0:
or this one to download only XMindlook 2.0beta2.5
We recommend using the bundle version and installing the beta on separate location. 
Upon first launch you will need to get the free license for the beta - a Registration windows should pop up.  If it does not, go to Window -> XMindlook Registration menu item and then hit Get license button on the dialog.


Here is full documentation for the beta version available as PDF document.


beta 2.5 - Correct problems in GT connector, support for XMind 2012
beta 2.4 - More mapping options for Toodledo connector
beta 2.3 - small corrections to RTM, Toodledo and Google Tasks protocols.
beta 2.1 - no restart required to read the license, license written to HKCU under Vista and 7