Main features of XMind Sync for Outlook

All XMind Sync for Outlook features are built around its single purpose - exporting and importing tasks and topics between XMind and Outlook.


Import and export mind map topics to Outlook

This is very easy: just click a button on XMind toolbar and the current topic instantly shows up in Outlook task list. In order to import a task from Outlook, just grab the task from the new Outlook tasks view in XMind and drop it on your map.

All relevant topic properties are copied as well, e.g. task progress, notes, start and completion dates. Moreover, XMind topic labels are translated to Outlook's categories (using comma as a delimiter).



Keep them synchronized at all times transparently

Now the best part - if anything changes in the exported or imported items, the modifications are instantly transmitted to the other application. For example, you may change a topic status or completion date in XMind and then switch to Outlook to see that the respective task property is already updated.

When you alter tasks in Outlook and XMind is not running, the changes will be applied next time the relevant map is opened so that you have current view at your tasks at all times. One Outlook task can be placed in  several different maps - XMind will take care of keeping them all up to date. In case of conflicting changes, a dialog box will be displayed allowing to choose the correct version.


Use categories to group mind map projects in Outlook

A unique feature of XMind Sync for Outlook is that it allows to mark a mind map topic as a project. Then its all subtopics, when exported to Outlook, will receive project name as an additional category prefixed with ~ (tilda). This way you can export massive amounts of topics to Outlook and keep them organized, using the project categories to group and filter them. The project may have subprojects and therefore one item may have more than one project category.




View and edit Outlook tasks from XMind

XMind Sync for Outlook contributes a dockable window displaying list of your Outlook tasks. Using toolbar buttons you can filter out completed ones with one click.

XMind Sync for Outlook also adds a new task properties view with convenient date selector. Moreover, you can quickly bring up Outlook task edit form for the currently selected mind map topic for more complicated task editing. Using new Categories window you can easy add and remove predefined categories from map topics.


Implement Getting Things Done with mind maps

XMind Sync for Outlook is specifically targeted at Getting Things Done adopters as a implementation of the trusted system. In this approach, you will use mind maps to store all of items, both located in someday/maybe list and in context lists. This will be used for your weekly global reviews and quick  project reviews. During review, you can assign each topic in your mind map to a context list for processing using categories. Then you will use Outlook to browse through the context lists and execute the tasks. (more information)