XMind Sync for online task systems

Make your life more manageable

Store important information about your personal and business life in mind maps and get current, upcoming and structured views of your daily tasks in online tasks systems for easy reviewing and processing.






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Main features of XMind Sync for online task systems

All XMind Sync features are built around its single purpose - keeping in sync tasks and topics between XMind and online tasks applications.





Create your task list based on
a mind map with one click

You can export selected topics from any mind map to your favorite task list application with one click. The task/topic properties will be kept in sync.





Import tasks from online system
to mind map easilly

Now you have access to all of your tasks from XMind. In order to place a task on a mind map, just drag it to the preferred location. A new topic will be created and all task properties will be imported and mapped to topic properties. If the task or topic changes - the modifications will be reflected in the other system.






Keep them synchronized
at all times transparently

If the task or topic is modified XMind Sync will take care of applying the changes in the other system. If there were conflicting changes a dialog box will be displayed to allow you to decide which version you want to keep.






Mark mind map topics as projects
to group related tasks
in online application

To further structure your tasks XMind Sync allows to group topics in projects. Then the project structure is be transferred to your online task system. You have full control over the mapping.





View and edit online system tasks

 in XMind

XMind Sync allows you to view all the tasks in the online system right in the XMind window. After the task is placed on a map its properties can be modified using Task Info window. The changes will be silently forwarded to the online task system.






Implement Getting Things Done
with mind maps

We support Getting Things Done methodology with special Inbox folder and categorizations that allow you to have more control over your Someday/Maybe list.