#35 — Sync Outlook 2016 with XMind damages certain formatting (bullet points, link to external Office documents)

State Unconfirmed
Area Outlook Sync
Issue type Bug
Severity Medium
Submitted by Carsten Lilge
Submitted on Sep 13, 2016
Target release:

after testing i recently bought outlook sync and am generally quite happy with it.

But I´m experiencing the following problems (tested several times):

I´m running Outlook 2016 with an Office 365 plan.

Syncing Outlook 2016 through your extension with XMInd damages the following:

-certain formatting (bullet points and ohter such listings)

-Link to embedded external Office documents get lost or is at least not visible and clickable, experienced this in the following way:

In Outlook one can embed a link to an external Office file like Excel or Word in a task.
The content of the Office file is then displayed in the Outlook task, and when right-clicking on that content there is a menue to open the external file. When you edit the external office file, then the content in the outlook task is updated as well.
This link to the office file gets lost when syncing to XMInd, so there is no more right click menue and also no more updating of the content.
I have tested this several times with excel and Word files.

This is of course quite a bore as it damages a very useful function of MS Office.

Please look into this and let know about your findings

Kind regards,
Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a task in Outlook

2) Include an external Excel or Office file by copying it into the task and choosing to link to file and keep original formatting

3) Have this task synced to XMind

4) Check if you can still right-click on the file content in the Outlook Task and see a menue including the option to open/edit the original file (did not work in my tests)

5) Edit the original file and check if the displayed contetn in the Outlook task is updated (did not work in my tests)
Added by KelnarEvags on Jun 20, 2017 04:01 PM
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