#21 — Allow user choice to use only tags (no lists) with RTM sync

State Confirmed
Version: 1.1
Area Remember the Milk
Issue type Feature
Severity Medium
Submitted by Daniel Clark
Submitted on Apr 25, 2014
Responsible Marcin Wudarczyk
Target release:
It'd be great if there was a choice to use only Remember The Milk Tags with RTM Sync, instead of having items marked as Projects become RTM Lists.

This is because a lot of 3rd party software that syncs with RTM - one of the great things about RTM is their open API, which means you can use it as a midpoint to sync pretty much any two systems - don't use lists, either because they quickly become really messy in the RTM UI when there are a lot of them (OMG so many tabs), or because they aren't translatable to the way the 3rd party software works.

In RTM you can used saved searches on a naming convention of tags to get the exact same effect - I personally do "c-thing" for contexts and "p-thing" for projects. So instead of having to maintain a separate namespace entity known as a "List" that is annoying to delete completely and makes the UI ugly in several ways, I just include the tag "p-thing" in a search, which is functionally equivalent. RTM actually encourages this type of use in various docs; the Lists functionality is just there for casual users.

So if everything was tags, it would be easy to keep all of my stack of stuff in sync nicely just by continuing to follow a naming convention (that's usually followed with GTD anyway, just with @ and # instead of c- and p- I believe).
Added by Marcin Wudarczyk on May 12, 2014 09:16 AM
Issue state: UnconfirmedConfirmed
Responsible manager: (UNASSIGNED)Voodoo
Thanks, we will try to add this in the next release.
Added by CaseySlata on Aug 19, 2017 02:58 PM
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