XMind Sync for Outlook (a.k.a XMindlook 2)

XMind Sync for Outlook is currently available for Windows (XP and higher) now. We do not support MacOS. The license is based on hardware components of your machine. One license entitles you to install two copies, one on your desktop computer and the other on the laptop, provided you are the main user of both of the machines. After the hardware change you may need to regenerate your license free of charge.

License type

Free 30-day license FREE
Full commercial license 49 USD / 39 EUR / 99 PLN
Upgrade from 1.0 19 USD / 15 EUR / 39 PLN

 Payments are processed securely by Paypal Checkout. We accept credit cards and Paypal wires. For payment via bank transfer please contact us.

You may also use Register Dialog in XMind Sync - click the Request key button.

After the 30-day evaluation the functionality will be limited. You will still be able to import and export tasks, but they will not be kept in sync.


XMind Sync for online tasks systems

There are three kind of licenses:

  • based on computer hardware (CPU, motherboard, HDD) and valid for two machines (desktop and laptop).
  • based on specific online account of related service (login name)
  • We offer 30 day evaluation licenses based on computer hardware that allows to try out any of the online task system mentioned below.
XMind Sync for ... Evaluation
(30 days)
Hardware based  Account based 
FREE 29 USD / 22 EUR / 50 PLN available soon*
FREE 29 USD / 22 EUR / 50 PLN available soon*
Tasks FREE 19 USD / 15 EUR / 30 PLN available soon*

(requires XMind Sync engine license)

XMind Sync
engine only


29 USD / 22 EUR / 50 PLN

available soon*

* Since the account based licenses are not available yet, we will offer a free conversion of hardware based licenses to account based ones for one month after their introduction.

You may also use Register Dialog in XMind Sync - click the Request key button.

XMind Summarizer

XMind Summarized is discontinued

XMind Summarizer is a subscription based service. Each license has a fixed number of licenses (to be used during whole period or one month, depending on the plan).

Plan Period Summaries included Price
Evaluation One month 500 FREE
Weekly pass One week 500 $2.99
Monthly pass One month 1 000 $4.99
Standard One year 1 000 per month $44.99
Professional One year 2 000 per month $64.99

The evaluation license is based on computer hardware. You can get only one evaluation license per machine. The other licenses are not dependent on the hardware and you can use them on unlimited number of machines. You can also obtain license using XMind Summarizer Registration Dialog - click Request key button.

XMind Project

An evaluation license for Beta version is available here.