Google Tasks

Synchronize your mind map with Google tasks


2in1 – great solution for your life management.

Probably you are not convinced to using mind maps and online tasks system for the same purpose. It’s just a waste of time – you may think. But with XMind Sync it’s not true any more.

Let us tell you why. Each of these applications has its indisputable advanteges. Using mind map you can easily and transparently organize your work and make reviews. Online tasks systems are perfect to scan the list of tasks to do, mark what has been finished and add a new one quickly, before you forget it. These two applications complement one another perfectly, and thanks to XMind Sync they are no longer 2 separate applications, but create one strong tool that lets you manage your work without any waste of time.


How does it work?


Create your tasks list in one second.

You’ve just created a great mind map of you project, but you’d like to have the task always close at hand in your online tasks system as well. Don’t try to copy or rewrite them. XMind Sync will do that in place of you. All you need is to decide which tasks you want to synchronize (notice that you can synchronize tasks from many different maps) and click a proper button. Your online tasks list is ready to use.   


Have your map always up-to-date

Ideas always come when you don’t expect them. You have to write them down quickly and usually you have no time and possibility to open the proper map. But that’s why you’re using google tasks. Write a new task down on the list and XMind Sync will allow you to move it to XMind and place in a proper destination at the map.  




Keep it tidy and clear

There’s nothing worse than neverending and messy tasks list. In mind map all your tasks are in order, grouped and categorized, and now, thanks to XMind Sync you can have them organized the same way in your online tasks system. All synchronizated tasks will keep their categories from mind map.




Don't miss anything

XMind Sync is thought to take care about a transparent synchronization. Every time it detects a difference between synchronized tasks in XMind and online tasks systems it will let you know and ask what changes you'd like to make.