Download XMind Sync
for online tasks systems

Free vs. licensed 

You can use full version of XMind Sync free for 30 days. After that, XMind Sync functionality will be limited. In order to bring back all of the capabilities of XMind Sync you need to purchase a license for full version of XMind Sync. 

Please note, that after downloading the application you will be asked to generate free 30-day license (use Request Key button on the registration dialog). Only one free license per machine is allowed.


Current XMind Sync version is 1.1.4. The previous version was called XMindlook.

In case of problems with XMind Sync, please check out our FAQlist of issues or contact our support.

XMind Sync for Toodledo



XMind Sync for Google Tasks


XMind Sync for Nozbe



XMind Sync for Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk plugin is available free of charge. However, you need to install XMind Sync application first and get a license for it.




* To use XMind in Eclipse installation, create folder "dropins/xmindsync/eclipse/plugins" inside your eclipse root and install to dropins/xmindsync/eclipse.

You can download full version of XMind for free. XMind Pro license is not required for XMind Sync.

This product is licensed under NG Logic Software License Agreement. By using this software you agree to its terms.


XMind Sync is a plugin to XMind application. XMind is open source and free software - you can download and use it for free. We also prepared a XMind + XMind Sync distribution so you can start using our product right away. XMind also has a paid version called XMind Pro with neat features like Gantt chart and Presentation mode. You can also purchase it on our site.

Release notes

Please refer to the documentation for the detailed information about limitations of the synchronization process for each online task system.

Nozbe sync notes
The Nozbe sync works on free and paid accounts. The amount of contexts and projects is limited on the free version, so if you reach the limit, the XMindlook Sync might stop working. Also currently there is no online sync from Nozbe to XMind, so you need to hit the update button to bring the changes from Nozbe to XMind made when the mind map was open.
Toodledo sync notes
Toodledo server limits the number of requests that can be sent to server each hour and therefore the sync is not automatic. Users have to manually click update icon to send the changes from mind map to the server.
Google Tasks sync notes
Google Tasks offer only simple structure for their tasks, so we implemented categories as main tasks and tasks in each category as subtasks, therefore only first category of the topic is synchronized. There is also a separate task group for project hierarchy. The tasks properties will be synchronized between the tasks. Also each tasks contains metadata in the description, please do not remove it.