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To use XMind Sync in Eclipse installation, create folder "dropins/xmindlook/eclipse/plugins" inside your eclipse root and install XMind Sync to dropins/xmindlook/eclipse. Please note that you need to install XMind before installing XMind Sync. It may be required to start Eclipse for the first time with -clean switch.


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The best way is to open XMind Registration dialog from Help menu and click Request key button. It will take you to this site and present with purchase and payment options. Follow the on-screen instructions to obtain and paste the license to your copy of XMind Sync.

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You can install it using the standard installer - you need to select Commons folder as an install path though. 

Please note though that we currently do not support portable licenses, so you will need a separate license for each machine. The portable licenses will be available in the next release.

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You can use Control Panel's applet Add or Remove Programs to uninstall XMind Sync. Alternatively, you may run unins000.exe file from your XMind installation folder.