XMind Summarizer product is discontinued

Due to significant changes in the 3rd party summarization service we rely on we had to close the project. However, you can still download the last version and get eval license.





Current XMind Summarizer version is 1.0.1b. In case of problems with XMind Summarizer, please contact our support.

  • XMind 3.4 and XMind Summarizer 1.0.1b bundle (if you are not using XMind):


  • XMind Summarizer 1.0.1b (if you already have XMind or XMind for Eclipse* installed):


* To use XMind Summarizer in Eclipse installation, create folder "dropins/xmindlook/eclipse/plugins" inside your eclipse root and install to dropins/xmindlook/eclipse.

You can download full version of XMind for free. XMind Pro license is not required for XMind Summarizer

This product is licensed under NG Logic Software License Agreement. By using this software you agree to its terms.


XMind Summarizer is a plugin to XMind application. XMind is open source and free software - you can download and use it for free. We also prepared a XMind + XMind Summarizer distribution so you can start using our product right away. XMind also has a paid version called XMind Pro with neat features like Gantt chart and Presentation mode.