XMind Summarizer


XMind Summarizer converts web pages
into mind maps



This XMind plugin creates a mind map from any web page or Wikipedia article.


Instant mind maps!

Just click on the toolbar button to get an instant mind map from a Wikipedia article or from any URL.


Main features of XMind Summarizer

Summarizer instantly converts text from any web page into structured mind map.


You never start with an empty map

Just enter any keyword into the topic and then click on the Summarize button! 
Your map will be intantly created based on the Wikipedia article for your keyword.
Each keyword will have relevant summaries for understanding the context.




Any webpage can be summarized

Summarizer also can handle specific URLs and web addresses.
You can input them directly in a dedicated dialog window or add the link to a topic.



Summary layout can be customized

XMind Summarizer helps you to customize your summaries!
You can decide if the topics should be automatically expanded depending on the keyword relevancy.
You can enable folding of summary items into subtopics.
You can set the new topic widths and relevancy number location.




Multi-language support

Summaries can be created from web pages in English, German, French and Spanish. The language is automatically detected.
The language for word definitions from Wikipedia can be selected on the preference page.